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 In 1955, at the age of 11 years, I found some old "Outdoor Life" magazines (circa 1947) with articles and pictures of H.T. Smithdeal bringing his pack of Plott Bear Dogs to the state of Michigan to introduce the sport of bear hunting with hounds to the Upper Peninsula. To this day, I vividly recall the pictures of those Plotts and I did not rest until I had my own pack of Plott bear dogs.

The Picture on the left side show myself and my pack of Ursus Plotts in the Cariboo of British Columbia in 1997

Ursus Buck - A rock solid bear dog.


About Our Ursus Dogs...

Our goal has been, from the beginning, to produce the best complete bear dogs from the purest breeding stock we could find. We have used line breeding, inbreeding, and outcrossing to achieve our goals. Culling is vital to all successful breeding .  If breeding good dogs was easy, more people who try to breed, would be successful.


Ursus Chime (of Sweden) - one of the RapXSue cross females.


Since buying my first Plott over 40 years ago I have owned hundreds of Plotts and hunted them on bear, cougar, bobcat,and coon, in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, Colorado, Washington, Oregon, California, British Columbia, and Sweden. Originally I bought dogs bred by   Elmer Allen, Bill Bland, Clyde Bounds,Dale Brandenburger, Doyle deMoss, Clyde Neader, Dennis Paulsen, Ricky Redeagle, Roy Sing, Oliver Smith III , Everett Weems, Gene White, T.S. White , Jr. , Steve Walker, and Paul Winkelman.

We have sold pups and trained dogs in Maine, Vermont, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Michigan, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, British Columbia, Japan and Sweden. References are available from Ursus Plott owners in most of these locations.


The following is a general description of the type of Plott we are producing. It is not difficult to find individuals
we have produced that vary from this description in one or more ways, but this does not mean the description is misleading, it just means that the  breed and this strain have considerable variation within.


Many of our dogs are what is commonly called saddleback-black on the back, with varying degrees and shades of brindle on the legs and head. They are not black dogs! About 40% of the dogs we presently own are solid brindle-red brindle, brown brindle, black brindle, and yellow brindle. We get less than 5% that are buckskin, fawn, or high tan. The majority are frosty mouth, many have white on chest &/or feet. Hair tends to be coarse and moderately long.

Ursus Sue Fogel - 12 years old - a significant factor in Ursus breeding.


The size runs from 40-50 pounds for females, and 50-65 pounds for males. Most are deep (not barrel) chested, and leggy, and somewhat long bodied. They have a more highly developed ham muscle than many hounds.

Ursus Rapper - 10 years old, and currently being bred.

Spring Bear Hunting in 1986

My father-in-law Bill Bland, myself, and our youngest son Kurt, with Pleasant Valley/Ursus Plotts.

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